Born in the year 2000 from the coming together of a number of professional figures with international backgrounds in the shipping and nautical sector. Together with its partner companies GLOBALMARINE supplies a complete package of diversified marine services, co-ordinating and following the works and projects through to complete implementation.

The firm belongs to a group of companies operating in various branches and has, in particular, worked on developments in the field of information technology, specializing in the production of integrated systems, software and databases for large companies operating in the maritime world.

The firm has in fact acquired the know-how of partner company T.M.A. srl, which worked on management systems for the firms belonging to its group and has designed and experimented various programs serving to computerize certain complex operational processes, optimising human resources also at the nationwide level for a number of important clients.

With the advent of the new technologies, and with the development of the Internet, GLOBALMARINE has successfully integrated a range of solutions to make them operative on-line.